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Thank you for excellent and efficient service in response to my most recent query and previous queries. I would highly recommend Natmed to anyone looking for new medical indemnity.

Dr Lynelle Kenneth

Thanks so much for all your friendly assistance, you really make life so much easier!

Marike van der Linde

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Natmed both during the development of our EOP initiative, the training of experts, and the support and enthusiasm we have received from all those involved on the Natmed side. We look forward to the continuous support. In summary a most professional service and company.

Paul Dalmeyer

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Informed Consent Part 5 – Consent for termination of pregnancy

8 January 2020 - Reference,Ten Takeaways

Natmed’s Ten Takeaway series is a first stop point of reference for busy healthcare practitioners and healthcare facility operators and intended to be a reference in conjunction with the Natmed “What If?” series, Natmed Medical Defence Review and the Natmed Glossary of Medical Negligence and Insurance Terms. Only the pregnant woman’s consent is required for […]

Natmed Medical Defence

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